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What is Marble?

Marble is made up primarily of Calcite and works beautifully in areas where the subtle veining patterns and colors that appear can be used to create exquisite designs.  Marble has been used as a building material for centuries; think Taj Mahal, the Acropolis and the Coliseum as examples.

Marble Countertops

While softer and more porous than granite, marble is not the ideal choice for those customers looking for an indestructible, maintenance-free product.  Should you decide to use Marble we recommend you consider a honed or leathered finish and that you be aware that your countertops will show some wear and develop a unique “patina” over time. Marble is sensitive to acids and acidic foods such as vinegar, lemons, tomatoes and wine, as well as aggressive cleaning products which can and will etch the finish on marble. While we have very effective impregnating sealers to deal with the potential of staining, no one, as of yet, has been able to develop a product to prevent etching from acids.

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